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Makeover Barbara S. – Veneers
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Makeover Barbara S. - Veneers

Prosthetics / Veneers / video


Apply to win our makeover!

Each year we give out a makeover. In order to apply, send us an e-mail containing your photo, a close-up photo of your teeth (teeth and gums must be clearly shown) and write something about yourself. We give priority to the struggling ones (unemployed people, single parents, etc.)!





  • Barbara Simčić

    Dr. Škoda mi je u kratkom roku izliječila sve zube idesni. Dobila sem porculanske navlake i ljuskice, koje izgledaju potpuno prirodno. Nitko mi ne vjeruje da to nisu moji prirodni zubi.

    Barbara Simčić, dobitnica makeovera
  • Marina Pilja

    I am currently looking for a job, and a nice smile is very important to me. Now I can smile without having to cover my mouth, and everyone has told me that I look amazing! This is the most wonderful present that I have ever received!

    Marina Pilja, makeover winner
  • Barbara Simcic

    Dr. Škoda successfully treated my teeth and gums in a short period of time. I was given porcelain fillings and veneers, which make my teeth look completely natural. In fact, no one believes me that they’re not my real teeth!

    Barbara Simcic, makeover winner